Jesse + Carissa

It was a beautiful November day. The air was crisp and filled with excitement. After spending time with the bride and her friends at the house getting ready, we made our way to the location of the first look. There, Jesse waited to see his bride. When Carissa tapped him on the shoulder, he couldn't contain his tears. They read Scripture together + prayed together. I think I cried a little, too. Family soon arrived and after snapping some photos, we headed to our cars to make our way to the venue. During this, Carissa's dear mom dropped a glass vase holding flowers and sliced her hand open deeply. One of the bridesmaids quickly grabbed a towel and belt to stop the bleeding. The whole family and wedding party gathered around on their knees, while Carissa held her mom close. There was talk that her mom might have to get stitches, and if so, the wedding could not go on as planned. In the midst of all the chaos and everyone huddled around, the sweet bride's voice rang out singing "It Is Well." As song and prayers were lifted up, God's sweet peace swept over the place. His presence became a place of sweet comfort. God proved Himself strong on behalf of His people and their faith. The ambulance eventually made their way up and took care of Carissa's mom. The guests patiently waited as the wedding was a little delayed, but the wedding went beautifully, with her mom sitting in the front row.

(Sadly), wedding days can be one of the most stressful times in a bride/groom's life, it seems. There is so much planning and preparation that goes into it that when small things go wrong, it feels earth-shattering to a bride. This situation wasn't that someone forgot bobby pins or that an uncle showed up late or the cake had the wrong color icing.

Because they wouldn't get married without her mom there, this was a matter of "is there going to be a wedding today?"

God was highly exalted that day. Not just through the wedding, but through this bride and groom's life. Their response to a hard circumstance was trust. The life of faith.

My heart was so encouraged this day.